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June 20, 2013

Eternal Life on a live album.

Allow me to toot my own horn here for a second. This concerns two live albums. The first being Local H’s Alive 05 and the second being Electric Six’s Absolute Pleasure. I made it on to both of these albums several times. But I would just like to point out to distinct times you can clearly hear me. The first song we will look at is Fritz’s Corner by Local H. There is a break in the song right after the audience sings “i fucked over everyone i know” Then you here the singer say”thats right” And if you listen close you can hear me scream “EVERYFUCKINONE” @1:42

The second song we will take a look at here is entitled The Green Building by Electric Six. You will hear the singer say “this is who we are and then we’ll move directly into the hits” Then you will hear four distinct screams all of them being me. Yours truly. DMT.

@ 0:11 and 0:23



June 20, 2013

You look like Adam Sandler

The first time someone said that to me was a week and a half ago. I just shrugged it off and was like ooooohhhhh kayyy. Picture Slater in dazed and confused when he asks Mitch if he gets high? But today This woman made it a point to tell me that I look like Adam Sandler. All I could think to say back was “thank you” Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are funny movies. Fuck it. I look like Adam Sandler. I guess there is a resemblance ever since my brother gave me that buzz cut. Going into the new job it felt like enlisting in the army. Cause the tollway rocks military time. They use radio codes. And anytime you work its called a tour of duty. Plus in case you didn’t know that highway was put there for the military. Martial law stylee.
I got the time off request form for the Ramshackle Glory show. I wrote ” It would be greatly appreciated if I could have this one day off to visit with family from out of town.” Pat & company are from Tuscon AZ.
Speaking of out of town. A city chick and a country chick both commented on my saying howdy to them today. The cute city chick was like”hahaHowdy ohhh where are you from?” I was like “Montana” she was all “what are you doing out here?” I said ” The night life” It’s true though every town in Montana shuts down at 9 p. m. Then the hot country chick driving the horse trailer was like “howdy!That’s not Chicago. Oh, your from MT. I’m from Oklahoma 🙂 didn’t expect to hear you say that when I pulled up..” I took her money, gave her change, smiled, and said “thankyee”
I got the best news I heard all year today. Dick Valentine is playing the Double Door with Scott Lucas on September 3rd ! FUCK!I shit my pants again just typing that. Just kidding. Real talk. I need to have a new and better Camera by that time. Preferably the Cannon EOS 7D. My ralieghTsakers youtube channel are all videos shot with a lil kodak video camera. Said channel has a playlist called Dick Lucas. Those are some great performances. Just sayin…Scott Valentine & Dick Lucas together at last. I just shit a cat. (Meow meow meow.)Awww. How cute. Lets call it Sahhhn She Sahhhhn. Seriously though when I get it together. I’m getting a kitten and naming it SahhhnSheSahhhn.


The Ronald McDonald lobby is about to close in an hour.1 a. m. Then its off to Algonquin for another night in the parking rot. Falling asleep to another “WTF” Marc Maron podcast. It really cools off so much in the ungodly hours of the night. Then when the sun shines on the car for a few hours my ride turns into a sweat box. I have a good routine going on though as far as bathing and laundry is concerned though thanks to my brother. So I don’t have the look of a homeless person at all in case your wondering. I obey the rules of the road.This picture is plastered all over the highway authority plazas and headquarters bathrooms.


Ask yourself. Does this man look homeless?




June 18, 2013

Radio Code 10-96 Mental Subject A.K.A. Donny Montana

So today in the toll booth. I cried on the job. I did not hide it. Cars pull up and I say the usual “howdy” “thank E” but with tears welled up in my eyes. It’s a beautiful thing when people just check their anger at the door when they see someone emotionally distraught. I believe its called compassion. It got so when the tears went away. I forced myself to be sad by thinking about shit that makes me want to cry. Just so I could look people in the eye with tears in my head. Crazy as cat shit I know. But come on and cut me some slack I’m living in a little red four door Pontiac Grand am GT.

So after work I went and pulled the last nine bucks from working at meijer off the pay card. I get a check from the tollway in three days. It will be big. Big to me anyway. I got happy after work when I took advice from my best friend Josh. I went to this huge grocery store called Woodman’s right next to Randall Oaks disc golf course and got a cool mint chocolate chip cliff bar. It was awesome. Then I frolfed thirteen holes. & Had a good time. It was super nice out. Here at mcdonnellzz again my spirits were uplifted some more when I got a confirmation on the Ramshackle Glory Chicago Date. It said Thursday July 18th Chicago IL @ Swerp Mansion. So immediately I was thinking where is this SWERP MANSION? And what is that street address? But all it said was (“ask a punk”) . CUTE.

So I got the 27th of June off. I will bring my tiny little kodak video camera to the married men show at the hideout and film a song or two. I love to do that kinda thing.
Oh and speaking of Ramshackle Glory. You should check out their new split album “shelter” they just did with the Ghost Mice. You can hear it all here.. It’s really good. The young people are all listening to it. And they all seem to really enjoy it. Before I leave this slop house I need to write down directions to the hideout and check see about a new JAPANTHER record on i tunes. Oh yeah so as I’m listening to the Ghost Mice side of the split album I lost it when I heard the song about living in a car for the first time. I cried like for real this time. I cried like I did the first time I heard Scott Lucas’s solo songs on his myspace page. You know the ones that later became songs on George Lassos The Moon. Those kind of genuine tears are actually happy tears. Like when your so happy you cry. Here. Check  it out. please! It’s called HOUSE ON WHEELS
So I am gonna save my large coke cup and put it in my laptop rockstar bag so when I order next time there will be no need to waste another dollar on another large coke. Sorry to be like the bird that flew over k-mart going “cheap cheap” “cheap cheap” Well its almost time to hit the parking lot up for a little shut eye. There are two Meijer parking lots I frequent. Both on Randall road. One is in Elgin. The other in Algonquin. I just get a kick out of these old Indian names whitey keeps around don’t you. What up Mokena! “You will live in Mississauga and have fourteen kids” ” You will live in Mississauga and flip everybody’s lids” ~Dick Valentine
Anyway. Yesterday I called straight talk customer service about my Trac Fone and talked to this lady. She avoided my direct questions regarding  the  3G usage limits. She basically told me to go back and read the terms and conditions that I already agreed to. Finally I was like ” When is the internet on my phone going to be turned back on?” And she said something along the lines of  “sir when you purchase another monthly service card it will go on in 24 to 48 hours.” To which I replied…”Do you promise?”  So I will give this b.s. phone company one more chance simply because they are the cheapest and most hassle free way of having a fancy new mobile space phone. If the internet goes back on the stupid phone I will try to use it sparingly and not go to sleep to cartoon playlists or watch Alex Jones videos as I enjoy my just cheese Little” Cease ” pizza.  In the words of Kevin McCallister
“a lovely cheese pizza just for me”
In closing tonight’s blog I want to mention that Christian lady I met in South Dakota whilst piking up my deceased mothers 2009 Dodge Journey. This woman tried to reassure me my mom did not kill herself. That she was the last person to talk to her and they prayed together. That my mom asked Jesus into her heart. That the lord had mercy on her suffering and welcomed her into his kingdom. That is all well and good . But somehow I don’t believe her. I was also one of the last people to talk to Sue. My mom would ask my brother for help over the phone. And she would hate it when all he would do for her is read from the bible. So I just find it hard to believe this woman. Even though it was a nice reassurance. But now she is commenting on random photos I post, freaking out on me. Making me feel bad about not being Christian. Making me feel guilty about not asking Jesus into my heart. My very overtly religious brother used to have this little business card with a picture of Jesus on the front.  it said ” Jesus Loves You.” And on the back it said” Everyone Else Thinks You’re An Asshole”
I gotta go. Peace be with you.


June 17, 2013

Abnormally high usage

So my sanity continues to be tested. I have a little samsung straight talk phone from Wal-mart right. It has youtube and facebook. Every night when I bed down in the meijer parking lot I fall asleep to a playlist. Like Home Movies or Terence McKenna. This was working out until yesterday when I called customer service and was informed my 3G has been suspended due to abnormally high usage. So now what? Shut the fuck up and go to sleep I guess. My brother gave me some reading material. Maybe I will give that a try. Pamphlets about Jesus and God and all that fun stuff. My brother prays for me because he believes I am going to hell for not proclaiming Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.  Sorry to go all Halloween fingers again “but if I can’t understand what you say, what makes you think God will when you pray” King James version. The exact word of God. What do you think? Bill Hicks said If it was the exact word of GOD it would be a lot easier to understand…”god has a way with words” But there I go putting the word of man ahead of the word of god again. Enough with the heavy shit.

Man to be really honest. I’m just sitting in this same Mickeydeez chilling here after an 8 hour shift killing time waiting for the sun to go down. I like working nights cause it’s easier to sleep in a car on a summer night as opposed to a sunny summer day. Even when I get this first pay check I will just have a little more than a few hundred dollars. I hate the idea of renting a room. I hate living with people. I want my own fucking place. Privacy man. Leave me the fuck alone. Ya know. I do my own thing. I go to work. This is how I feel about it….

It will happen. My own pad. That will be so awesome when that happens. Then I could call up my Dad and be like “Ha. You still live with your mom!” Actually I won’t do that because he is pretty old. And that is just sad that he still lives at home. It’s just fucking abnormal. “But don’t let your mom and dad know that you know They’re not emotionally equipped to know that you already know most of the things they were trying to prevent you from knowing” ~Dick Valentine
June 16, 2013

Calm Down Donny. Just Breathe

I drive slow. Really slow. Like an old man and an old lady put together. So when you pass me please don’t get so close to my rear bumper that you almost hit me. I get road rage when that happens. Then I speed to catch up to you. Then I turn into a litterbug when I catch up to you. It’s all I can think of to do. So if you don’t want to see vanillaroma Christmas trees and Starbucks double shots all over the road. Pass with care.Okay that is over. So I quit. I  won’t buy anymore cigarettes after these two I have left.  I will try to say goodbye to coffee and caffeine again too.
Anyway. I dream in my car. I remember. talking to my mom last night. She talked about the other side. She said she couldn’t see me but she is with me. It’s like that Halloween Fingers line. “Life is better in my dreams cause in there you and me we’re a team.” In my sleep the married men or some of em at least opened up for Dick Valentine. I got along with the man from Ireland who was waiting for the e6 lead singer to play. Then all these local h fans crowded around mosh pit style. I pulled a vanilla sky and made them all sit at their table&chairs. Even the married men had to play from a candle lit table. Then I remember being on this huge balcony patio in the city connected to the same club.Waiting for the man. Being outside making everyone laugh about the fat Chinese guy who jumped from the second floor of the adjacent building. Something about his guts coming out his backside. Last night during sleep UPS rehired me and a cab company gave me a job in the city. But the cab company was a front for all the areas gangs to transport hard drugs. Samuel L. Jackson’s daughter went where she wasn’t supposed to go in this drug warehouse. The meth heads chopped off her head and she was still talking to her dad. Her father was in disbelief and trying to get her to stand up and leave. She tried but it just was really crazy to see her try. Oh yeah and they sprayed me with a meth fire hose and I somehow survived. When you remember your dreams as frequently as I do, you have to take the good with the bad.
Do me a favor. Check out the real version of autonomia. Listen to it. It rocks. Go here. And be cool.


June 13, 2013

Good Morning Mcsloppolis

Greetings from the McDonald’s in West Dundee Illannoying. My mom died in a motel in Prescott Arizona. She had left her car in the middle of South Dakota. My Dad is charging me eight hundred dollars and taking her little t.v. just for driving me up there in his truck and trailer to pick up her car. That’s cool thanks dad make some money off your son who is basically homeless living in his car working at the tollway. My buddy Napalm N8 always told me that Family is not who you are born into but who you feel truly cares about you and who you care about and love. I do not love my Father or his mother. I do not love my Uncle. The rest of family is literally dead. My brother is okay. Even though he is a evangelical southern baptist.(Hey, at least he’s not a Calvinist ) My friends are my family. I love you Josh & Suge. I love you Laura. I love you Mike, Nate, Brian, and even Charlie.And If I ever sent you anything in the mail. I love you too. Here I am crying in a fucking McDonald’s. Soon I’ll be in the middle of I-90 jamming Dick Valentine, Scott Lucas, and Japanther. Some how that comforts me and makes me feel like everything is gonna be alright. Fuck me. How  uncool. One last thing. Sugelema told me that autonomia is a song about independence. Then I knew why I was hooked on it. Check these cats out. These kids are pretty awesome!
June 10, 2013

Class 1 homeless

The dream I had last night while sleeping in my car in the Meijer of Elgin parking lot was pretty awesome. A spaceship that looked like the shuttle Columbia but tricked out with lights and way bigger landed on my dads roof. Before it landed in the middle of the night I saw the moon do a full cycle in the sky like a time lapse as it changed all the colors of the rainbow then I seen points of light come from outer space into my Dad’s yard. It felt like the space people were coming down to my world and making me feel high. I got scared when the points of light started  functioning. A half girl made of lights from space started swirling around in front of me. I ran inside my Dads house and woke him up. Yelling at him to look out the window. He saw it too. When the ship landed on the roof my cousin Mark looked dumbfounded and his only reaction was to cook breakfast for the aliens.

When you drive on the Illinois Tollway you have to pay massive amounts of money. If you drive a vehicle with more than two axles you pay more and more. Class one is the most common. Cars and motorcycles are class 1. Class five vehicles are like semi trucks and shit like that.

I am currently homeless. Class 1 homeless is having a car . Class 2 is not having a car.

So right now I blog to you from a Starbucks. free refills here. I    did  not know that. Now I’m tweaked and Zeke’d burning CD’s, charging my phone and my dell. Thank you Star fucks. If it doesn’t rain I can disc golf until the sun goes down. Everyone at my work thinks I am traveling from Downers Grove to Elgin. But really I’m camping out around the area. I was living in Plainfield working at the Meijer there overnights. But the girl I was living with was unstable. Don’t drink and take methadone everyday. It can’t be good for you. Now who does your dishes?

Anyway the Tollway hired me. Yay. I’m sober. Yay. gay gay gay. Did you ever see that movie on netflix where the guy from the matrix and Bill&Ted’s bogus journey works in the toll booth? When cars pull up I turn down my ipod plugged into those loud computer speakers. Then I always say ” Howdy”. Then the customer pays. And I say “Thank yee”. Simple. The whole transaction takes less than eleven seconds. Over and over again. Howdy. Thank yee. Howdy. Thank yee.

It looks like its gonna rain. I want to film the married men at the hideout. I want to film Ramshackle glory when they come to Chicago. I want a better camera. And a place to live. “Hey guys! Big gulps huh! Welp… see ya later! Hey  Harry I got you some beef jerrk….Some people just weren’t cut out for life on the road”.

“If you don’t pay no tolls then we don’t get no rolls”
Some people that drive on the tollway are angry and pissed off. So one day I will have portraits of John little in all his forms placed in strategic locations for my protection.

john little

Kevin Costner stylee.

bear john

Walt Disney style.

chapelle lil jon


Dudes I cannot stop listening to Halloween Fingers. Dick Valentine funkin rules. There is another cat I wanna  film real bad. The most actually.Whatever.

Anyway there is a song on the the Ramshackle Glory Ghost Mice split called “here’s to being young” (I think.) It has a part about buying whip cream on ebt and huffing it in the dark that’s pretty cool. And a part about going to the grocery store and filling up a shopping cart then taking off with out paying. I was put in that exact situation by a coworker/friend from meijer who happens to be an alcoholic. I honestly thought he was just splurging on all these expensive items. Then at the last minute he said Donny go the other way and meet me at your car. Man that was insane. I couldn’t just leave him there. Although part of me wanted to. Poor guy needs booze. Not me man. I’m taking care of myself. By myself. For the first time since I was a little kid I’m high on life. It’s Cheese ball I know. Speaking of cheese. My grandma kicked me out for stealing some of her cheez-its. My grandma talks just like the granny from squidbillies. ha ha ha.  I live in a grand am gt. But I changed the lettering to read grand ma gt. True story.  I gotta go. As my mom used to say  “I’ll talk @ you later”.
April 7, 2013

DMT happenings

Folk The System Presents: Railyard Ghosts(travelling folk punk)

“Folk the System Presents: Railyard Ghosts (travelling Folk Punk)”
w/ local support: Nikki Fierce and Psycho Mad Sally
Doors 10pm – 19+ – Pay What You can
April 15, 2013

Birds of a feather flock together

Hey high hello. This is Donny Montana. Formerly known as Donald Frank Prezzia. Yeah. I changed my name because I didn’t like the old one anymore.You get your heart broken and you move to Montana to grow marijauna and drink whisky everyday. All of sudden your name changes. That’s what happens.What you don’t do is go all unabomber & blow up a building and hide in the national forest! Ted Kaczynski stylee. I quit doing drugs seventy five days ago and lost some close friends because of my sobriety.(I guess?) Maybe I’ll write some more heavy subject matter later. After all, I am a sentimental man. So I thought of a song that helps me dig the cats that are still there. Like my dude Brian Frost. Who sent me a tee shirt from Holy Cow Records in Seattle Washington and awesome music on cd and vinyl. Good guy. Anyway, Here is a video for a track called “out of my mind” by Rory Gallagher taken from his album DEUCE 1971
                              ~Stay Frosty. Love,
                                                          D M T


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