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December 31, 2015

Well, here we are again! Another year gone! We’d like to think we gained some wisdom in 2015, but we wouldn’t want to sound pompous and pretentious!  We want to say THANK YOU to everyone out there that has supported us this year! Keep spreading the love and share our stuff with everyone in your family–especially the crazy ones! We are looking forward to sharing more videos with you in 2016! Love ya!


December 22, 2015

Merry holidays to all of our readers out there! Here we go again celebrating the holidays with a little bit of Christmas cheer and plenty of Christmas jeers! Our latest holiday video features nutcrackers with some good advice and a sneaky Santa gone wild! Let us help you stay cheerful and full of spunk with our latest video–Nutcracker Christmas! Don’t be a Scrooge! Share this video to all that need some holiday spirit!

July 7, 2015


What can I say about this interview? It’s engaging, provocative, and captivating by its own right. Something any Electric 6 fan would appreciate from the start if they wanted to watch a charming interview of their most beloved front man Dick Valentine.

Meeting Dick Valentine was one thing, but to have him agree to an interview, was certainly another. This video, “YOU DON’T KNOW DICK”, is full of fun facts and funny thoughts provoked by curiosity on my part.

Some of the highlights of this video include (but are not limited to) the pop ups provided by the imagination of T. Magoo and the heavy “Cockney” accent provided by one of our closest international comrades Larry Spongers. This interview captures a man with many roles and ambition to get to the top no matter what it takes.

If you haven’t watched this interview, then YOU DON’T KNOW DICK!!!

February 27, 2015

Sugelema @ The Front Street Public House 2/18/2015

Friends. What would life be like without friends? Gosh, I’d hate to imagine that world! This song is dedicated to all of our friends out there!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love and support you give us everyday!

“Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world!” ~ Henry Drummond

February 14, 2015

I have many fond memories of elementary school celebrations, but the holiday I probably loved most had to be Valentine’s Day. I can still remember being in elementary school and decorating shoe boxes for a special day of celebration. The Elmer’s glue, the sparkling glitter, the heart shaped doilies, the lace, the imperfectly cut pink and red hearts that were perfect for the occasion. And who can forget the Strawberry Shortcake cards from the girls and Batman cards from the boys? 

berry                  bat

I still remember hoping I would get a “Will you be my Valentine?” card from the kid I had a crush on (Which of course never happened!).  I can still taste the chalk flavored heart shaped candies, heavily frosted vanilla cupcakes with red & pink sprinkles, and the high fructose corn syrup fruit punch to wash it all down! (Ah yes, the youthful pancreas!)


Here at Digital Smoke Studios, we still love to remember Valentine’s Day. Although our creativity has surpassed shoe boxes and cute cards, we still hope you will enjoy our creations on this day of L-O-V-E!

For the smokies that have had a rough time getting hit with cupid’s long lasting love arrow, we present you with our Vicious Valentine’s Day trailer! Just a brutal snapshot of our Spongers/DSS collaborative video “Come Back to Bed”. Watch it (above) and see what provokes the heroine in the story to take her revenge out on a penis using a kitchen knife and a bowl full of Sweethearts!


But wait! If you are hopeless romantics like us, we have something for you too! You can enjoy some of our love songs performed by Sugelema (below).

To all of our Digital Smokies out there, hope your day is filled with drunken love hosted by your favorite love interest and alcoholic beverage. And remember, if you’re in a serious relationship, don’t piss off the female side! But if your not, take this advice: Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!

DIGITAL SMOKE STUDIOS IS IN LOVE WITH OUR FANS!! Big thanks to all the Smokies out there that support us!! Remember to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! XXOxxoXx

Leave us a comment about what YOU remember most about Valentine’s Day in school. What kind of cards did your parents buy you for the occasion? We want to know!

This is Bill…


…Bill is cool. I met Bill several months ago at an open mic night. He thoughtfully complimented my set and then graciously accepted the CD I gave him. Ever since then, every time I see him at this local pub, he tells me how much he appreciates my music. Of course, this is always “music to my ears”! I’m mean who doesn’t like compliments, right?

I ran into Bill again at the local pub and like usual, he told me he always listens to my CD and loves it, etc. But he didn’t stop there, he explained that no matter what you do in life, do it because you love to do THAT thing and to never let anyone tell you you CAN’T or let anything get in your way. He told me how family, friends, and co-workers constantly bombarded him with “you can’t do this, Bill”, “you can’t do that Bill”, “it’ll never work Bill”, and to all of those naysayers Bill said, “BULLSHIT, yes I can!”

To make a long story short, Bill reminded me that we CAN do whatever we want. Today, Bill is a successful man that likes to give advice to those that will listen. He told me that life was like surfing. Surfers go into the water for the chance of catching that perfect wave. As the day goes on, surfers get out of the water. However, he explained, there is always that one surfer that stays out just in case that perfect wave rolls in and when it’s least expected, that wave, the perfect wave rolls in.

On the shore, surfers scramble with their boards to get back in the water, but that one surfer, that’s been waiting for hours, is the one that bathes in the glory of catching the perfect wave. His patience and persistence pays off.

Bill said, “Be that surfer always in the water. Keep doing what you are doing. Always be ready and waiting for that opportunity to strike. Be visible because anything can happen and you want to be the one that is riding the wave when everyone else is running to get to that wave. Persistence and patience will pay off, just keep moving.”

Wow, thanks Bill!

SO, I’ll continue to take Bill’s advice and thank the Universe for speaking to me through Bill and through music.

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this little blog!

“To be a part of the ocean and fight for every breath, is better watching from the shore, until my sudden death!” ~ “All That’s Left by Sugelema

“Satellite” Video submission for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.


As I sit here reflecting on the adventures we’ve had here at Digital Smoke Studios this year, I can only imagine what is in store for 2015! From DMT care packages to live shows to CD release parties, meeting Tyler Spencer to Wayne Coyne, we have filled our year full of life and memories! That is about all we can ask for, to live long and prosper. After all, life is shorter than we think…embrace the moments! Thanks to everyone that has been a part of our reality this year!

We are looking forward to another year full of adventures and freedom! Do what you love and love what you do! Thanks to everyone out there that supports Digital Smoke Studios…may the great Spirit in the Sky bring you blessings beyond your imagination in 2015!!

Here’s a look at some 2014 highlights:

Clowning Around:







Bad Daddy!

Donny Montana’s Music Club!



Donny Montana’s Book Club!





Electric 6 LIVE!!!



The Night Porter with WAYNE COYNE of The Flaming Lips!






Making Dreams into Reality!




Our back yard buddies!





SkyBlew’s Album Release Party!


Sally’s Comet…Thank you SkyBlew for the opportunity to work with you!

No9to5 Friends!


The Durham Hip Hop Festival!





Show Time @ The Front Street Public House:




Open Mic @ Turntable, The Blind TIger, and The Rusted Bucket:





Cactus Farming!






December 15, 2014 Carolina Theater Durham, NC

“…everyone you know someday will die?” Those are the words that resonate in my brain these days thanks to our great friend and colleague Donny Montana (DMT) (Check out his live recordings!). He is always thinking of others and using music to soothe our troubled souls (Thank yee, kindly DMT!). DMT has gifted countless albums to friends living in places ranging from London to Japan, California to North Carolina, Montana to Texas and many other places in between. His latest care package included The Flaming Lips iTunes Original album.

The Flaming Lips iTunes Original album is full of detailed background information for each song featured on the album. Wayne Coyne narrates his thoughts and gives each song personality I could not have known otherwise. I love the way Wayne explains how each song came about. His voice is direct with a “matter of fact” tone.  The lack of hesitation as he speaks left me feeling reassured about the way I write music and create art (No regrets!). His thoughts are therapeutic and gave me encouragement to be confident in how I pursue the things I want to get out of life.

Even though I just listened to The Flaming Lips iTunes Original album for the first time, it was actually released May 29, 2007. However, I don’t think I could have appreciated this album back in 2007. I have changed a lot as a human being since then and sometimes the timing has to be just right in order to appreciate the thoughtfulness of certain things like this album.

With that said, as I was curiously researching The Flaming Lips, I stumbled upon an opportunity to actually see Wayne Coyne speak. It seems that he will be at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC screening and discussing The Night Porter (directed and written by Liliana Cavani) on December 15, 2014 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. 

Is the universe calling me again? Is it mere coincidence that I have been listening to Wayne Coyne in my car non-stop and now he is coming to Durham? Maybe…

I’d like to think coincidences in life are more than JUST coincidences. I like to think that the universe is constantly speaking to me and on some rare occasions I can hear it directing me and guiding me. SO, Universe, I hear you this time. I have purchased my tickets to see The Night Porter at the Carolina Theater featuring Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to interview him? Do you realize, anything is possible…

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