A Disgusting Display of Press

tv sweat free
We were denied a press pass for the Hopscotch Festival. We were told we couldn’t bring our cameras to the show by Hopscotch officials after asking several times. We were told we would not be allowed to film or take pictures during the TV ON THE RADIO set. We were discouraged 100 percent to stay away from the Hopscotch festival if we were going to come as press officials. We were told we would more likely than not be ejected from the premises if we snapped one photo of the band.trump

So, like any good press official, we showed up with tickets in hand and our camera locked and loaded . As we walked through the entrance, our tickets scanned, an official from the festival asked to check our bag. I opened the bag and he hesitated. He asked another official what the policy was on camera usage during at the show. (At this point I’m holding my breath!) The other official assuringly said–“There isn’t a policy. They can go ahead and take pictures.”

With the power of our amulets and Tarot cards in tow, we were magically allowed into the Hopscotch Festival with all of our dignity and equipment.

We felt like a happy idiots.

The next phase was even more incredible. As we arrived to the stage, it was nearly empty. Right away we posted up front and center and patiently waited for TV On The Radio to come on stage. We waited along side a Tycho fan waiting for his evening to become monumental and magical.

When TV On The Radio finally came on stage, the disgusting display of press came out of the woodwork like water buffalo in a stampede trampling each other for a spot at the watering hole. They pushed and dodged each other to get “the shot”. They snapped high and low competing for the best space to get a perfect image of TV On The Radio–totally oblivious to the energy TVOTR was emitting. Meanwhile, DSS stood patiently on the other side of the barrier capturing the energy of the first song “Young Liars”.


After the second song, the water buffalo left the watering hole and just disappeared into the night. But there we were, still front and center, taking pictures and soaking up the essence of TV On The Radio. No press,  just adoring fans in the moment with an extraordinary band in our backyard.

Our love for TV On The Radio has been growing since 2003 when we received our first taste of the band via a care package from our dear friend Donny Montana. (He has sent everything from Ok Calculator to Return to Cookie Mountain to their latest release Seeds.)


Thanks to Donny, TVOTR has been a soulful serenade cradling us in a morose embrace. Chaperoning us through the the joy and painful discomforts of the last decade and beyond. Miraculously, the TVOTR CDs that Donny sent us so long ago, still play just fine in our car’s CD player without skipping a beat.

The performance TVOTR  in Raleigh deepened our love for the band. We could feel the tears welling up in ours eyes as they sang their songs “Careful You” and “Trouble” (off of their latest album Seeds).  The colorful energy they brought to the stage tinted our souls for a moment in time. Truth be told, we still feel drenched from the variant vocal vibrations and instrumental pulsations from that night. They were all heart and no ego. The performance was a loved stained ride that we hoped would never end.



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