25 Years of Local H Rocks the Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina

This summer, I experienced Local H live twice! It was the only way to celebrate 25 years of Local H. Here’s a great video from the first show that captures the playfulness of Scott Lucas and Ryan Harding. It’s clear that these two gentlemen not only work hard together, but they are also good friends.

I really enjoyed watching how in tune Scott and Ryan were with each other as the show went on that night. Especially, after Ryan’s drum set was having technical difficulties and Scott had to improvise during repairs. It seemed that the routine of the set didn’t matter anymore and it became more about just having fun and not taking things too seriously.

He played “RiotGrrl” as he waited patiently for Ryan to get back into the game. When Ryan was finally ready to go, they tried to get back to the planned setlist, but instead Scott ended up belting out Journey’s “Any Way You Want It”—which until now, was something Local H fans would not believe unless they had witnessed it themselves. 

It was a night to remember, the whiskey, the fans, the fun. I’m so excited for this latest adventure Local H is experiencing. I can’t wait to see what they do next. With an outstanding drummer like Ryan Harding and a “Killer” new album, we haven’t seen the last of Local H by any means. The heart and soul this two piece band projects is simply to intense to describe with words. It’s just something you have to see to believe. (You fans out there know what I’m talking about.)


That’s all for now, but stayed tuned for more Local H videos from the June 22nd, 2015 show at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room! 

Photos taken by digitalsmokestudios @ the Cat’s Cradle Back Room June 22, 2015.

Local H1 Local H2 Local H3 Local H5 Local H6 Local H7 Local H8 Local H9 Local H10 Local H11


  1. Hi! Did you happen to get Leon and the Game of Skin at the Local H show back on June 22nd? I saw you had posted a few vids on Youtube. Great work! Thanks!

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