Happy Vicious Valentine’s Day!!!

February 14, 2015

I have many fond memories of elementary school celebrations, but the holiday I probably loved most had to be Valentine’s Day. I can still remember being in elementary school and decorating shoe boxes for a special day of celebration. The Elmer’s glue, the sparkling glitter, the heart shaped doilies, the lace, the imperfectly cut pink and red hearts that were perfect for the occasion. And who can forget the Strawberry Shortcake cards from the girls and Batman cards from the boys?


berry                  bat

I still remember hoping I would get a “Will you be my Valentine?” card from the kid I had a crush on (Which of course never happened!).  I can still taste the chalk flavored heart shaped candies, heavily frosted vanilla cupcakes with red & pink sprinkles, and the high fructose corn syrup fruit punch to wash it all down! (Ah yes, the youthful pancreas!)


Here at Digital Smoke Studios, we still love to remember Valentine’s Day. Although our creativity has surpassed shoe boxes and cute cards, we still hope you will enjoy our creations on this day of L-O-V-E!

For the smokies that have had a rough time getting hit with cupid’s long lasting love arrow, we present you with our Vicious Valentine’s Day trailer! Just a brutal snapshot of our Spongers/DSS collaborative video “Come Back to Bed”. Watch it (above) and see what provokes the heroine in the story to take her revenge out on a penis using a kitchen knife and a bowl full of Sweethearts!


But wait! If you are hopeless romantics like us, we have something for you too! You can enjoy some of our love songs performed by Sugelema (below).

To all of our Digital Smokies out there, hope your day is filled with drunken love hosted by your favorite love interest and alcoholic beverage. And remember, if you’re in a serious relationship, don’t piss off the female side! But if your not, take this advice: Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!

DIGITAL SMOKE STUDIOS IS IN LOVE WITH OUR FANS!! Big thanks to all the Smokies out there that support us!! Remember to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! XXOxxoXx


Leave us a comment about what YOU remember most about Valentine’s Day in school. What kind of cards did your parents buy you for the occasion? We want to know!



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