This is Bill…


…Bill is cool. I met Bill several months ago at an open mic night. He thoughtfully complimented my set and then graciously accepted the CD I gave him. Ever since then, every time I see him at this local pub, he tells me how much he appreciates my music. Of course, this is always “music to my ears”! I’m mean who doesn’t like compliments, right?

I ran into Bill again at the local pub and like usual, he told me he always listens to my CD and loves it, etc. But he didn’t stop there, he explained that no matter what you do in life, do it because you love to do THAT thing and to never let anyone tell you you CAN’T or let anything get in your way. He told me how family, friends, and co-workers constantly bombarded him with “you can’t do this, Bill”, “you can’t do that Bill”, “it’ll never work Bill”, and to all of those naysayers Bill said, “BULLSHIT, yes I can!”

To make a long story short, Bill reminded me that we CAN do whatever we want. Today, Bill is a successful man that likes to give advice to those that will listen. He told me that life was like surfing. Surfers go into the water for the chance of catching that perfect wave. As the day goes on, surfers get out of the water. However, he explained, there is always that one surfer that stays out just in case that perfect wave rolls in and when it’s least expected, that wave, the perfect wave rolls in.

On the shore, surfers scramble with their boards to get back in the water, but that one surfer, that’s been waiting for hours, is the one that bathes in the glory of catching the perfect wave. His patience and persistence pays off.

Bill said, “Be that surfer always in the water. Keep doing what you are doing. Always be ready and waiting for that opportunity to strike. Be visible because anything can happen and you want to be the one that is riding the wave when everyone else is running to get to that wave. Persistence and patience will pay off, just keep moving.”

Wow, thanks Bill!

SO, I’ll continue to take Bill’s advice and thank the Universe for speaking to me through Bill and through music.

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this little blog!

“To be a part of the ocean and fight for every breath, is better watching from the shore, until my sudden death!” ~ All That’s Left by Sugelema

“Satellite” Video submission for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

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