SkyBlew’s UNmodern Life

UNmodern Life

In his latest album, UNmodern Life (Random Beats Music), SkyBlew takes stories from his youth and intermingles them with his favorite cartoon themes to get his thoughts out. “It’s a conceptual album” explains SkyBlew in a recent interview on The Joey Show, “that is based around themes from Hey Arnold! ” (a popular cartoon from the 90’s). He reveals that Hey Arnold! contained a collection of strong themes that he could relate to and consequently used these themes to tell his own story. Something he has been vague about in the past. For those Hey Arnold! fans out there, The Ballad of the Pigeon Man and Stoop Kid” will ring a bell along with Parent’s Day and Sally’s Comet. “Parent’s Day” is one of his most personal songs on the album along with “Rainy Days and Sundaes”.

We are honored to have contributed vocals and music in Sally’s Comet , Big Air Dare [Dreamin’]” , “Moonlight Bay” and “Save the Neighborhood”. We are humbled to be a part of this experience as a whole. This album is an adventurous expedition that everyone in the family can appreciate and relate to. 

Overall,  UNmodern Life is a personal account of SkyBlew’s triumphs and abilities to soar like an eagle during difficult times. His honesty navigates this album and leads us to realize that no matter how troublesome the road we travel seems, “victory is close, closer than it’s ever been” as long as we continue to follow our dreams and pursue that which the universe wants us to become. Here are some of my favorite songs off of SkyBlew’s UNmodern Life.


Falling Off Your Cloud: “Colorful dreamer if your looking for a label…”

Makeshift Flow: “As soon as you give them food for thought they start grilling you…”

Plight of the Shoobies feat. Megaran: “Reap what you sow, I’m a force to be reckoned with…”

For only $7 bucks, this is the most cost effective form of enlightenment we’ll ever see.This album is more than “just another Hip Hop album”– it is a powerful awakening that we as human beings need to experience in order to level up in our consciousness and see the real world around us. So, WAKE UP and buy this album! Be a part of something GRAND! I promise you, your life will never be the same after you lend your ears to these words of wisdom as spoken in SkyBlew’s UNmodern Life. Don’t take my work for it, see for yourself and get it HERE and share the LOVE: 

Sky Blew’s UNmodern Life

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SkyBlew on the “Joey Show” promoting his album release party for “UNmodern Life”. 9/11/2014

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